How Braces Work Elmhurst

Proper alignment of teeth and jaws and improvement of the facial balance and harmony requires a few key ingredients:

  1. healthy teeth, roots, gums and bone
  2. constant gentle pressure
  3. time and patient compliance following instructions

To accomplish proper alignment, orthodontists apply steady pressure on the teeth and surrounding bone via braces or clear active aligners.

Braces consist of brackets (clear, metal, lingual) bonded to the teeth and activated by wires (flexible memory initial wires, progressing to rigid final wires). The brackets are the “handles” that transmit the light force produced by the wires to the teeth. During the treatment, the orthodontist will periodically make adjustments to maintain the pressure required for tooth movement.

A similar force system can be applied via corrective clear or spring retainers (Invisalign, Simpy 5, Essix). As long as the patient wears them constantlly (20-24 hours/day) the ligh pressure will incrementally move the teeth to their pre-programmed final destination.

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