Insurance Services

We accept ALL PPO’s, HSA’s and FLEX Spending Accounts.
In addition, we are IN NETWORK Provider with many insurance plans.
Let us check your benefits and submit your claim on your behalf!

How does orthodontic insurance work?

We work hard to make orthodontics affordable. If you have insurance, we will help you determine the coverage you have available. To lower your fees, we accept assignment from most insurance plans and file the necessary claims on your behalf. For the remaining balance we have payment plans to suit different budgets. We allow a fee discount if payment of your portion of the fee is made at the onset of treatment. We offer in-office financing with no interest for you throughout the length of active treatment. If you prefer, you may make monthly payments to our office after making a down payment, or start with no down payment through CareCredit. For your convenience, we also accept VISA and MASTERCARD, paid in the office or online through our secure web site.

The estimated treatment time is based on professional experience and assumes complete patient/parent cooperation. There is no interest or finance charge associated with in-office financing, providing that the schedule of payments is kept current. Monthly installments represent a convenient method of payment and are not related to the frequency or number of visits. Actual treatment time may be shorter or longer than the payment period. The balance of the fee is due at the time appliances are removed. Should active treatment extend beyond the estimated treatment time because of poor cooperation or an unexpected change in the treatment plan occurs, additional fees may apply. If a patient relocates to another area, our total fee will be adjusted to reflect services provided. If your financial situation changes, we will be glad to discuss rearranging your payment schedule to fit your new circumstances. Our office is very sensitive to individual needs, and we will work with you to arrive at an affordable monthly payment plan.

Insurance and Other Considerations

Understanding your orthodontic insurance can be difficult, and we welcome any questions you have. Orthodontic insurance generally differs from medical insurance in that each insured individual usually has a lifetime maximum benefit spread over the length of treatment. Remember that there are different circumstances that will cause your insurance to change. If the insured changes employers or if the employer changes the coverage, benefit payments may change or be discontinued. Having two policies (primary and secondary) may not double your benefits. Some secondary policies may have a clause prohibiting duplication of benefits. If a change in your insurance occurs, please notify us as soon as possible.

As a service to you, we ask that you assign your benefit to us so that we can file your claim on your behalf as soon as treatment starts. The balance will be arranged for you to pay (see above guidelines). Professional care is provided to you, our patient, and not to an insurance company. Therefore, the responsible party assumes financial responsibility for any insurance amount unpaid for any reason. We are happy to work with you and your insurance company to receive maximum benefits possible under your policy.

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