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Correction of malaligned teeth (crooked, spaced or rotated), overbites, crossbites and underbites in patients of ALL ages (our oldest patient is 73 years young). We enjoy treating interdisciplinary cases of adult patients with challenging problems, some requiring jaw surgery or periodontal procedures in addition to orthodontics.

We offer comprehensive individualized orthodontic treatment with any of the following:

  • traditional appliances (metal braces with colored elastics or self-ligating brackets) and translucent ceramic clear braces.
  • esthetic alternatives such as invisible lingual braces (on the inside of or behind the teeth)
  • clear aligners (Invisalign®, Invisalign Teen or other brands such as Clear Correct for adults and teens (no braces. removable, invisible).

Early Treatment for young children to prevent potentially more serious future problems. Examples include: habit correctors for thumb suckers, space maintainers in the event of early tooth loss or moderate crowding, face masks and headgears to normalize jaw relationships, lip bumpers, expanders and partial braces. Frequently, a second phase of full braces or clear aligners will be needed after all remaining permanent teeth are fully erupted.

Limited Treatment to one arch or Minor Tooth Movement in preparation for restorative work such as veneers, new crowns and bridges or implants. This treatment with limited goals can be done with braces on upper or lower arch only, or retainers/clear aligners for minor tooth movement.

Jaw Surgery or Orthognathic surgery-often in combination with braces, to normalize the jaw relationships and improve facial esthetics and function.

Placement of mini-implants/TAD’s (temporary anchorage devices) for anchorage, in conjunction with fixed braces (metal, clear or lingual) as a conservative approach to avoid jaw surgery or extractions, increase compliance and reduce side effects and overall treatment time.

LASER assisted soft-tissue procedures to uncover unerupted or impacted teeth and cosmetically enhance the newly achieved smile line.

Propel and Wilckodontics periodontal adjunctive procedures that help reduce the length of treatment time and help achieve more predictable results in challenging cases. They both require mini-surgery at the level of the supporting periodontium/bone to “soften” it and permit the teeth to move into their new position more quickly, in the shortest amount of time. These systems dramatically reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment.

Continuation of orthodontic treatment for transfer patientswe accept transfer patients with any kind of technique, braces or aligners).

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