Aesthetic Orthodontics Elmhurst

For those concerned with the appearance throughout orthodontic treatment we offer esthetic alternatives such as clear braces, lingual braces and Invisalign or other brands of clear aligners. Depending on the extent of correction your teeth need, we may recommend fixed or removable appliances. Fixed braces (clear or lingual-hidden behind the teeth) provide the most precise correction. Removable appliances are most often used to align just a few slightly tipped or crooked teeth. Please call us and ask us about our solutions to your esthetic concerns and orthodontic needs.

Clear Braces

Clear Aligners

Clear Braces – if you are feeling self-conscious about wearing braces, a clear or tooth-colored material that blends with the color of your teeth may be your best choice.

Clear Aligners – the clear way to straighten teeth without braces using aligners made of clear plastic materials (medical-grade polymer) that is nearly invisible when worn. When worn full time (except for eating and brushing) these serial custom made aligners changed every two weeks will gradually move your teeth to their final preprogrammed position. They are removable, comfortable and virtually invisible. You may find valuable information at if you are looking for Invisalign brand, or ask as for more economical alternatives such as simpli clear, etc…your teeth won’t know the difference, they’ll just react to light constant pressure to arrive at the final destination,as long as the aligners are worn as many hours as possible (24/7 except for eating and brushing).

Lingual Braces – Discover a completely different way to wear braces behind your teeth, so no one will even know you are wearing them– unless you want them to!

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