Orthodontic technology has come a long way over the past decade. Treatment today is more comfortable and faster than ever before. Dr. Radu and her team use only the latest in orthodontic technologies to ensure patients receive the best results possible. Whether you’re age 7 or 47, Dr. Radu has a treatment option that will work for you.

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Metal braces are the most widely used orthodontic treatment, though they have become more advanced, more discreet, and more comfortable than ever before with orthodontic advances. At Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists in Elmhurst and Downers Grove, our high-tech metal braces use a low-friction, light force to move teeth into place with greater control, providing better results. Dr. Radu creates a 3D computer image of your teeth to plan tooth movements and achieve the desired outcome.


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Our clear brackets use the same technology as our metal braces but are clear for more discreet treatment. If feel self-conscious about wearing braces, a clear or tooth-colored material that blends with the color of your teeth may be a good option for your orthodontic treatment in Elmhurst & Downers Grove.


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With clear aligner orthodontics, Dr. Radu uses a series of custom-made clear aligners to straighten your teeth over time. No metal brackets or wires needed—just comfortable, removable aligners that will get you your best smile. You can eat and drink what you like, and fewer appointments are needed than with metal braces. Aligners are made of clear plastic materials (medical-grade polymer) that is nearly invisible when worn. When worn full time (except for eating and brushing) these serial custom-made aligners changed every two weeks will gradually move your teeth to their final preprogrammed position. They are removable, comfortable and virtually invisible. For best results and quickest treatment time, Dr. Radu recommends that clear aligners be worn 24/7, only removing them for eating, drinking (anything but water) and brushing your teeth. Dr. Radu offers a variety of clear aligner orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign, ClearCorrect, and other systems. Our office can customize your clear aligner orthodontic treatment based on your unique needs and budget. We are proud to offer our Elmhurst and Downers Grove orthodontic patients variety in choosing the clear aligners that will work best for their lifestyle.

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Discover a completely different way to wear braces behind your teeth, so no one will even know you are wearing them– unless you want them to!



If the length of conventional treatment is too long for you, we’ve got several treatment options that may appeal to you!


We offer an innovative technique designed to dramatically increase the rate of tooth movement. This treatment allows patients to complete their treatment within 6 to 14 months. This is 2 to 3 times faster than conventional orthodontics! It is called Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO) or Wilckodontics, a system combining frequent orthodontic adjustments with augmentation techniques. It was designed and patented by Wilcko brothers of Erie, PA, one an orthodontist, one a periodontist. It was developed to treat interdisciplinary borderline extraction cases and malocclusions or bad bites that might have otherwise required extractions or even jaw surgery. With the help of a trained periodontist, under sedation, a minor periodontal procedure is performed, creating superficial perforations in the supporting bone a few days after the braces are placed on the teeth. Thus, the bone adjacent to the teeth is softened, and the teeth will follow the path of least resistance (triggered by the forces applied via braces) and quickly move during this rapid healing period into their new position, in a safe area of newly grafted bone. Patients will need to be seen every two weeks for orthodontic appointments to insure the overall success of treatment. It is a proven, safe and stable procedure that tremendously decreases orthodontic treatment time, and most importantly, solves at the same time periodontal problems such as gum recession. This procedure is feasible for most healthy patients, regardless of age.

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Dr. Corina Radu and Dr. Jingyuan Fan are skilled in this technique. Contact our office if you are interested in accelerated orthodontic treatment with our team of orthodontic and periodontal specialists in Elmhurst & Downers Grove. Learn more about Wilckodontics on their website: 

Propel Technology

accelerated orthodontics in elmhurstDr. Radu also offers Propel Orthodontics for patients that simply want to speed traditional orthodontic treatment. Propel is an orthodontic appliance that uses a series of high-frequency vibrations to move teeth faster. You simply place it in the mouth and use it for 5-minutes. It sits right on your aligners.

Propel technology is the first and only product cleared by the FDA for use in micro-osteoperforation (MOP). MOP treatments, like Propel, help the teeth move through the bone by creating small perforations in the bone. When we create these small perforations, cells begin to inflame in a favorable way, resulting in faster tooth movement. MOP orthodontic treatments like Propel can be used with braces or clear aligners (Invisalign, ClearCorrect and other aligner types). It is a safe and convenient way to speed orthodontic treatment. Ask about how Propel can speed your orthodontic treatment today!

For more information about Propel orthodontic technology, visit their website at


TMJ/TMD Treatment

The TMJ or “Temporo-Mandibular Joint” disorders are a family of problems related to your complex jaw joint. A variety of conditions can lead to difficulty with the TMJ including:

If you have symptoms like pain (near the front or below the ears), limitations of mouth opening/ closing or grating noise when opening your mouth, ringing in the ears, grinding and clicking or popping sounds, you may need treatment. There is no simple prescription for your TMJ disfunction. Restoring your jaw’s harmony includes several kinds of treatment to reduce muscle tension, regain a stable bite, or rest and heal your jaw joint. Treatment works best with a team approach of self-care and professional care (your general dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon and chiropractic). It may take time and include many options such as bite correction via orthodontics or restorative work or even more invasive surgical options such as joint reconstruction.

If nothing else controls your pain when it flares up, medications like common pain relievers, muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatories will help reduce swelling. Alternating ice-cold/moist-heat compresses can also provide temporary relief. Using custom made special mouth guards or re-positioning splints with different designs worn at night or full-time will help stop clenching or grinding and relieve muscle tension and move your joints into proper position. Proper adjustment of your splint will be needed periodically as your jaw posture changes. At first during acute periods of pain you may want to wear the splint 24 hours a day, then gradually only at night, depending on your particular problem. Splint therapy may last for six months or more. We will do anything in our power to get you out of pain and functioning comfortably.


Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Many times, based on the examination of your child’s mouth, the orthodontist believes that he or she will benefit from two separate phases of orthodontic treatment. A first phase is done while the child has most of their baby teeth and it has limited but definitive goals.

Some of the problems treated in phase I may be:

The problems with bad bites (malocclusion) and overcrowding of the teeth start at a young age as a baby develops into an infant and so on. Improper breathing, problems in the nose, mouth and ears and thumb sucking can all create problems for the dental facial growth. These problems can create problems for adults later in life so it is crucial to have these problems checked out as early as possible but treatment can be performed at any age.

The goal of this short phase of treatment is to create a better environment for your child’s permanent teeth. Most likely, a second phase will follow once all remaining permanent teeth will be available.


Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics (also called orthognathic surgery) can help to change people’s faces and lives. Aside from the cosmetic benefits of creating a more harmonious and balanced face, surgical orthodontics can help your jaw and teeth to function better and help you live more comfortably. Surgical orthodontics helps to correct irregularities in the jaw, which can lead to improved chewing, speech and breathing. Re-aligning the jaw also requires moving the teeth, which is why surgical orthodontic patients wear braces or clear aligners.

Wearing braces or clear aligners helps to make sure both the jaw and teeth are in proper alignment once surgical orthodontic treatment is completed. The traditional orthodontic treatment typically is started between 9-18 months before orthognathic surgery takes place. Patients are seen just as they would be for traditional orthodontic treatment, about every 6-8 weeks, depending on your individual treatment needs. When you are ready for surgery, our orthodontist, Dr. Corina Radu, will work with your oral surgeon to prepare you for orthognathic surgery.

During orthognathic surgery for the lower jaw, the jawbone is separated, and the part of your jaw that has teeth will be moved forward or backward as needed.  For orthognathic surgery for the upper jaw, the jaw is moved forward, backward, or it can also be raised or lowered, depending on the patient’s needs. Any facial bones that affect the jaw and teeth alignment may also be re-positioned to achieve the desired alignment. Recovery from orthognathic surgery typically means you’ll be out of school or work for two weeks, and a total of 4-8 weeks is the average time to heal. Enjoy ice cream, smoothies, mashed potatoes, or other soft foods while your jaw heals. After your surgery is complete, you’ll be able to complete orthodontic treatment (braces or clear aligners) with Dr. Radu. When orthodontic treatment is complete, you’ll wear a retainer to maintain your smile for life.

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