Digital Dental Impressions

Using Carestream 3600 intraoral scanner, the doctors at Premier Orthodontics & Dental Specialists can capture digital impressions. What does that mean for our patients? No messy, putty-like impressions! It also means more accurate impressions, which leads to more accurate treatment. Your dental impressions will be non-invasive, quick and comfortable! Our team will simply use a small, handheld laser to take a quick impression of the inside of your mouth.

Digital X-rays

Our advanced cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) is an imaging system that take a cone shaped x-ray with a quick and easy scan in our office. What’s more—CBCT technology uses significantly less radiation than traditional CT scans. It also provides 3D imaging that allows our doctors to get the best picture of your mouth, teeth and jaw so they can customize a treatment plan that is best for each patient.

Laser Dentistry

There are many clinical applications nowadays for dental lasers in dentistry and in particular in orthodontics. Since 2006, Dr Radu was certified and extensively used in her everyday practice a diode Biolase soft tissue laser for uncovering impacted teeth or shaping and sculpting uneven gums, or for labial or lingual frenectomies (on patients that are tongue “tied”). These are some of the few routine procedures that are easily accomplished in our practice with MINIMAL local anesthesia and discomfort, with very predictable results, no bleeding or stitches, and reduced stress for both the patients, parents and staff.

When compared to traditional treatment instrumentation, the laser technique provides superior hemostasis (stops the bleeding on contact), reduces pathogens/bacteria, decreases post-operative sequelae and ensures better patient comfort. Gone are the days of the stitches and post-up stitch removal appointments….

And you get to look cool with the fancy special pink goggles we use while “LASERING” your gums….

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