Text Dr. Radu

rhinogramTechnology and orthodontics go hand in hand! We want each and every patient to have direct access to Dr. Radu.

We’ve partnered with Rhinogram to implement a HIPAA-compliant, telehealth platform. What does this mean for you? A better patient experience by making remote healthcare possible, simplifying communication and minimizing interruptions with real-time, text-based patient engagement! We’ve invested in this service because we understand that convenience matters to our patients and want to open all lines of communication between our practice and our patients.

4 out of 5 patients prefer texting their provider over speaking on the phone.

Text messaging reduces voice mails and follow up calls, saving you time and effort! It also allows our patients to send photos and attachments, which can reduce unnecessary office visits.

Every conversation is encrypted and permanently stored in our cloud. It becomes a part of your patient record and is easily accessible by our staff.

Text or call (630) 279-5345 at your convenience!

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