10 Reasons why you should be treated by an expert orthodontist

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Over regular dentists or direct-to-consumer options, using expert orthodontists for clear aligner treatment has significant, important benefits. Dentists themselves and their children are treated by orthodontists. Here are 10 reasons why people should think about working with an orthodontist for clear aligner therapy:




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1. Specialized Expertise:

Orthodontists are dental specialists that have advanced training (2-3 years in addition to dental school) in growth, development, safe tooth movement, and jaw alignment. They are more qualified to accurately diagnose, identify and manage complex cases due to their specific expertise.

2. Comprehensive Evaluation:

Orthodontists carry out comprehensive evaluations of a patient’s oral health, including facial balance and harmony, bite problems, jaw alignment, and general tooth location. This thorough assessment aids in the development of a more precise treatment strategy.

3. Customized Treatment:

Orthodontists create individualized treatment plans that are specific to each patient’s needs and lifestyle. To guarantee the greatest outcomes, they consider factors such as the functionality of the bite, facial attractiveness, and general dental health.

4. Complex Cases:

Experienced orthodontists are highly skilled in managing severe crowding, spacing, impactions, significant facial asymmetries and bite problems. They offer more than one option that addresses these challenges effectively. Interdisciplinary treatment between orthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons, and general dentists is not uncommon in treating some of these complicated cases.

5. Constant Monitoring and Adjustments:

Having extensive training as an orthodontic specialist (with many tools in the box, constantly monitoring the treatment progress) makes it easy to offer additional options and make adjustments as needed for achieving that healthy beautiful smile.

6. Predictable Outcomes:

Orthodontic Specialists use their knowledge and expertise to help predict several outcomes, avoiding complications, round-tripping, and achieving the best possible results.

7. Prevention of Complications:

Taking progress radiographs to check for root resorption, checking teeth mobility, compliance with elastics, aligners wear and regime help identify potential complications. This proactive approach helps prevent or reduce discomfort and unsatisfactory results.

8. Patient Education:

Experienced orthodontists take time to educate their patients about their treatment options, various appliances, and procedures that can influence their treatment outcomes. They empower their patients to follow instructions correctly, make informed decisions and select the best possible option for their problems.

9. Supervision and Follow-up:

Whether it’s chairside or remote via AI Dental Monitoring, orthodontists provide regular feedback regarding the treatment progress. This supervision ensures that adjustments are made in a timely manner and the treatment is on track.

10. Long-Term Benefits:

Orthodontists focus not only on just aligning teeth but on overall facial balance and harmony, in order to achieve a stable and functional bite for years to come. This long-term perspective helps retain and maintain beautiful smiles for life, it is one of the best and most conservative investments that one can achieve.


While direct-to-consumer options, mail-order orthodontic treatments, or orthodontic treatments provided by your general dentists might be suitable for simpler cases and are promoted as “easy’ and “affordable”, buyers be aware, they are not treatments designed or supervised by an orthodontic specialist! Some of these patients will seek re-treatment after attempting to move teeth through the bone with clear aligners at home, not to mention the long-term irreparable harm if teeth are lost, or the financial burden and extra time needed for retreatment. It’s easier to treat right from the beginning, and a free consultation with a qualified orthodontist that offers a higher level of expertise, personalized care, and a greater likelihood of achieving the desired results will help you select the best treatment approach for your specific dental needs.

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