Teen Orthodontics in Elmhurst and Downers Grove

Braces, retainers, and everything else that you want to know about orthodontics!

“Will I need braces? ” Well, if you are contemplating on improving your smile you most likely yes!, will need orthodontic treatment, It does not have to be done only with braces, with all the advancements we have in contemporary orthodontics.

Elmhurst Braces

Braces! Or Clear Aligners for Teens!  What now?

But that does not mean you cannot do it later. However, if you do it now in your teen years you get to experience it when most of your classmates will go through the same process and blend in. As opposed to being singled out if you do it later in life? The reality is that it is never to late to enhance your smile. Many of our patients and parents of teen patients, in solidarity with their kids at times are doing re-treatments for various reasons, but that is another topic.

How long will I have to be in ortho treatment?

  • Until the correction is achieved, or treatment is sufficiently completed to be stable, even if not to perfection.  Most of the time comprehensove treatment is one to two years or more pending on how complicated your problems are- Let’s face it, many times your parents want you in my chair. You may not be mature enough to understand your obligations as a patient, the need to avoid repairs by carefully watching what you are eating, the need to brush better and more often and follow a certain dietary regime to avoid decalcifications, decay, bleeding gums and inflammation. If yu don’t follow the rules of braces, treatment takes longer and not all the goals will be met, the bite may nt be completely corrected if rubberbands or elastics are not worn as instructed, or appliances are abused and repaired constantly to teh point that no reasonable progress can be made. Remember, it’s a team effor that requires patient compliance! The ones followig the rules will always complete treatment faster, with better results!  Your willingness to articulate your genuine desire to start orthodontic at your initial consultation will help me gage your level of compliance and recommend appropriate treatment options and timing.
  • Smile! – It’s not that hard, it can be fun and a trully life changing experience. We usually see a huge appreciation with the kids that had the most problems. As the teeth start aligning, they blossom, they become swans,  displaying a lot more confidence and “joie de vivre” .
  • Did I say I’m Europeean, to be more precise, Romanian and very proud of it? To your New Smile!   Cheers! From Dr. Corina Radu, Board Certified Orthodontist.
  • And no, I do not want you here if you do not want to be here, even if your parents are forcing you to come for this consultation. I can read one’s body language, and as I said before, this is a partnership, it won’t work unless we are both commited!

Braces Your Way!

None of you are stuck accepting one single modality of treatment. It boils down to what fits you and can fix your problems.

Common options include:

  • Traditional metal braces, small durable self ligating or with colors,
  • Ceramic, porcelain or clear braces,
  • Invisible Clear Aligners such as SureSmile aligners System by Densply Sirona.
  • do nothing, maybe consider treatment later in life if yu are not ready.

Orthodontic braces are a big part of life for many people your age. While they may have had a bad reputation in the past, today’s braces make it easy to look good and feel good!  Do not forget about the fact that before starting orthodntic treatment you will need to be seen for a cleaning and cavity check by your general dentist! We can help refer you to one if needed.

Please contact our practice to schedule your free orthodontic consultation!