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If the length of conventional treatment is too long for you, we now have a relatively new technique designed to dramatically increase the rate of tooth movement allowing patients to complete their treatment within 6 to 14 months. This is 2 to 3 times faster than conventional orthodontics! It is called Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO) or Wilckodontics, a system combining frequent orthodontic adjustments with augmentation techniques. It was designed and patented by Wilcko brothers of Erie, PA, one an orthodontist, one a periodontist. It was developed to treat interdisciplinary borderline extraction cases and malocclusions or bad bites that might have otherwise required extractions or even jaw surgery. With the help of a trained periodontist, under sedation, a minor periodontal procedure is performed, creating superficial perforations in the supporting bone a few days after the braces are placed on the teeth. Thus, the bone adjacent to the teeth is softened, and the teeth will follow the path of least resistance (triggered by the forces applied via braces) and quickly move during this rapid healing period into their new position, in a safe area of newly grafted bone. Patients will need to be seen every two weeks for orthodontic appointments to ensure the overall success of treatment. It is a proven, safe and stable procedure that tremendously decreases orthodontic treatment time, and most importantly, solves at the same time periodontal problems such as gum recession. This procedure is feasible for most healthy patients, regardless of age.

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