Spectacular bleaching- Big White Smile After Braces in Chicago


There is nothing more powerful than a big, wide, white, straight and sincere smile! Following orthodontic treatment, teeth whitening can offer spectacular advantages, improving further the look of your smile. In our Elmhurst and Downers Grove Premier Orthodontics practice, we offer complimentary teeth whitening for our patients who choose clear aligners, and for a very affordable cost for our patients who complete treatment with traditional braces.

Here are six benefits of tooth whitening following orthodontic treatment:

What are the benefits of teeth whitening after orthodontics?

  1. Improved Smile Aesthetics: I cannot tell you how many times parents of young patients are asking me why their children’s teeth are yellow? In a future world, in a petri dish, we can choose to have a big wide smile, with perfectly shaped, aligned and white teeth. But we are not there yet. Your teeth may have been straight and correctly aligned after orthodontic treatment, yet they may still be stained or discolored! This is due to years of normal function, food staining pigments, or genetics. Dental Bleaching comes to the rescue! You can have a brighter and more aesthetically pleasing natural smile by having your teeth whitened. It bothers me that after spending thousands of dollars to align their teeth, some patients won’t spend a dime, or the time to bleach their forever smiles.
  2. Greater Confidence: Your self-esteem and confidence can both be considerably increased by a radiant white smile. You will feel more at ease in social settings and interactions.
  3. Consistency in Tooth Color: It’s likely that throughout orthodontic treatment some of your teeth experienced a degree of staining or discoloration. In some patients, we see an explosion of white spots/decalcifications post-orthodontics, and teeth look blotched. In-office or take-home whitening procedures can help ensure that your teeth have a consistent color throughout your smile. By whitening the background, there is less contrast between the white spots, they blend in.
  4. Complementary to Orthodontic Results: Teeth whitening can be the finishing touch to your orthodontic journey, helping to emphasize the good changes that your braces or aligners have brought about. It allows you to properly display your new and improved smile.
  5. Non-Invasive: Bleaching your teeth is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. Teeth whitening is also a relatively quick and easy process compared to cosmetic dentistry, which may entail cutting your teeth and covering them with veneers, crowns, and other treatments. This makes it a viable choice for people who want to improve their smiles in the most conservative way, without undergoing more costly and irreversible dental procedures.
  6. Cost-Effective Enhancement: It’s like the latte on top of your mocca, if you’ve already invested in orthodontics to straighten your teeth, bleaching them after orthodontics can be a very cost-effective way to finish your smile makeover without breaking the bank.


The terms “take-home bleaching” and “in-office bleaching” refer to two popular teeth whitening techniques. Both strategies attempt to whiten teeth and get rid of stains, but they have different concerns and techniques.

In-office Bleaching, in our Elmhurst or Downers Grove office.

Our staff and the doctor will use a high-concentration bleaching gel directly applied to the teeth, after blocking the gums with a protective barrier. Compared to over-the-counter alternatives, this gel has a higher proportion of chemicals (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide). With the aid of a certain light, laser, or heat source, the bleaching gel is activated. Each appointment for in-office bleaching lasts about an hour, and the procedure is often finished in one or two appointments. This approach creates faster and more dramatic results compared to at-home treatments due to the higher concentration of the bleaching agent and the professional application.



Take-Home Bleaching

Requires custom trays that are created either by taking impressions or digital 3D scans of each patient’s dentition. Along with the trays, patients receive a bleaching gel with a lower concentration. They are instructed how to insert the gel into their trays and wear them for a predetermined period of time every day, typically for 30 min to several hours daytime or some prefer overnight.
In comparison to in-office methods, the bleaching process using take-home kits is slower and more progressive. Results might become apparent after a few days to a few weeks.
For those who choose convenience and more control over the bleaching procedure, take-home bleaching may be more suitable. Having custom trays allows for ordering more gel for future touch-ups when needed. Price-wise, the in-office bleaching procedure is a bit more expensive but offers immediate results, however, it can and should be complemented with take-home products and periodic touch-ups, as needed.

Remember that the results of teeth whitening can vary based on factors such as the type of whitening treatment used, the extent of staining or discoloration, and your individual tooth structure. It’s advisable to consult with us or another dental professional before undergoing any cosmetic procedure to ensure that it’s suitable for your specific dental situation and needs.

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